Hi! My name is Claire and I’m a 2nd year university student currently studying Visual Communication Design. I consider my self a huge daydreamer who often looks for a different view in many aspects. In high school I studying Visual Art for 5 years, Computer Studies for 4 years and Visual Design for 2 years. Through this time I gained a greater understanding of myself and what I love doing which is being creative. I have continued on with this by going to uni and doing this course which I love.

Although I’m still finding myself as a person I know that being creative is what I want to do in life. A lot of different styles of design interest me in which case I heavily rely upon Pinterest and Instagram to help me in finding inspiration. The main style I enjoy is retro however I also have a large fascination with neon lights. I’m still trying to find my own still however, I’m confident that I will find it soon.