Somewhereville Week 5: Working On The Blog and Prototyping

In Class Discussion:

I spoke with my teacher this week about how I was going with everything so far. I mentioned about how I wasn’t sure how to keep consistency and how I’ve had trouble with it in the past. I noted that I already planned to continue using the clipping mask technique but also mentioned how I thought about also including a border similar to the title page throughout the app. I was given the advice to keep experimenting whether you like it or not at first and then look at them all side to side at the end and choose from there. I have also considered creating a logo that could be included in the app for North Haven.

In terms of navigation he said the same thing to just experiment. However, I did discuss the idea of shaking the phone as a use for navigation and he noted how it would be really interesting since no one has tried it before in his classes. We talked about how it could be used as a randomization mechanism and I came up with the idea that in the attraction section it could be used as a way in which the user can choose at random an attraction if they themselves can’t decide where to go, that it benefits both the user and variation in navigation elements. I will also have a weather section and a photo gallery section but will also almost disregard the cuisine section as a last resort if I get time as there is not a large variety in the area.

Layout sketching and prototypes




Overall Thoughts

After analyzing my sketches I’m really liking the consistency with the border so I will try I few different ways with that in my digital prototypes. My final sections will be:

  • Attractions
  • Accommodation
  • Map
  • Transport
  • Weather
  • Photo Gallery

I will experiment with the different layouts but have decided to scrap the categories of locations and events in the attraction section since I realised there are not that many events than what I originally anticipated.

Final Navigation Prototype

navigation prototype2.jpg

Digital Prototyping

navigation 1.png



prototype1 home, navigation, attractions.jpg

Firstly would like to apologise for some of the image quality as my computer was playing up and wouldn’t let me take screen shots.

So as you can see I tempered with my designs quite a bit which took a lot of time since each heading that is made up from an image had to bit image traced (create outlines), ungrouped and individually clip masks with multiple copies of the same image, so it took up a lot of my time. the last image was one that  used to and some feedback on whether my designs were consist and working and the response was positive. So from here I went through everything individually and changed all the images to ones that were my one (all except the map and transport images on the section pages). This was my final result:


Overall I’m happy with how everything is going and now that I have the basis for my layouts it will be much easier to create the designs for the other pages on the app.

Because I’ve been concentrating on making all this I unfortunately haven’t had time to create a physical prototype yet but I hope to achieve this soon.



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