Somewhereville Week 4: In Class Presentation and Feedback

My Presentation:




Overall Idea:

People seemed happy with my overall idea and didn’t really comment much about it. They talked more about my designs and navigation.

Design Layout:

First thing that was mentioned is that there was no consistency which is something I have had trouble with a few times before. They felt out of the 4 prototype pages I created the title page was the best design and that I should stick to that throughout my app. They also noted at how on the transport page they didn’t pick up on the whole wheel layout at the top of the page, some commented that it looked like a flower.

I’ve taken from this to change the idea of reflecting the page subject such as the wheel design on transport page and make it more distinct whether it by doing a similar design or making the title the main design in the layout. I also need to work on the consistency of design by sticking to the title page’s border and clipping mask style.


The thing the commented most about in terms of navigation was that they didn’t like the idea of the drop down menu the I demonstrated with the transport page. They felt it didn’t fit in with my overall layout and was a bit tacky.

So from this I will work harder on my navigation, making it easy, less tacky and so it fits in better with the page layouts.

A Digital Prototype on Navigation

navigation prototype1.jpg

Blog Posts

In the 6th week of the somewhereville we are peer assessing each others blog posts making sure everything is up date and to see how everyone is going. So that is what I worked on this week as I have not had enough time through the holidays to catch up.


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