Somewhereville (Holidays Week 2): Starting Over

With my new choice of North Haven as my location I will recreate a persona, navigational drafts and create various layouts for my app, all while working with my other assignment and work roster. I will also be looking t creating my in class presentation for next week when we go back to give an over view of my situation and gain feedback about what works better.


Name: Sarah Hart


Image taken from google images


  • She works full time as a teachers aid at a local primary school
  • Enjoys the outdoors, working with children, arts and crafts
  • Has been married for 10 years to Michael and they have two children, Maddie (Age 5) and Harry (Age 7)


  • Female
  • 30-40 years old
  • Lives in an urban environment


  • Kind and caring
  • Friendly, selfless and easy to talk to
  • Is confident and organised


  • To see children grow up in a happy lifestyle
  • To retire with her husband at a home on the coast
  • Keep a healhy apitite and stay fit


  • Time Management (Fussing over children)
  • Financial Management
  • Goes on holidays in a camper trailer
  • On holidays would like to do an activity but not sure what

How  We Help

  • App is easy to navigate and doesn’t take much time due to children
  • Includes information on all forms of accommodation
  • Links to various websites such as accommodation and major attractions
  • Is family friendly

Common Objections

  • Finds the app difficult to navigate
  • The app isn’t appealing in a design sense, may be too overcrowded and hard to understand
  • Is it quicker to do your own background research on the location rather than using the app



List of Pages

Attractions: Split into 2 categories (Locations and Events)

Accommodation: Split into 2 categories (Caravan Parks and Hotels/Motels/Units)

Map: Interactive elements will lead to different parts of the app

Transport: Split into 3 maybe 4 categories (Car, Bus, Plane and Boat)

Cuisine: Not too sure about this section as there is not alot of variety



Designing the Layouts

I wanted to attempt to use curves to reflect waves due to the area being coastal however looking at it now I believe this will be difficult to create a legible design the can coincide with all of the information and size dimensions of the  IPhone 6S screen.





I wanted to create a physical prototype using pieces of paper however I did not get enough time between working on my other class work and my casual job. So instead I took influence from these images in my moodboard and attempted to base my computer prototypes on these posters.

layout influences.png

My Designs:

Navigations I would like to include:

  • Sliding up and down: scrolling through a page
  • Sliding left and right: To maybe go between certain pages
  • Tapping Buttons: To go to certain pages
  • Shaking the phone: ????? I really like the idea of this navigation style but not quite sure how to fit it in with what I am doing

computer prototype 1.png

I have keep a continuous technic in terms of using clipping masks so that the words, borders and buttons are made from certain images. For the transport pages the image at the top is meant to be in the shape of a wheel and in terms of the navigation I thought that if you click on say the would ‘Car’ there would be like a drop down bar that shows all the information.

Getting Ready For Next Weeks Presentation

Due to my work roster and trying to complete my other assignment for next week, this is all I got time to do for the presentation in class. I’m going to set it up in InDesign as a pdf to present. Hopefully I will get some good feedback as to help in my process as I am still not sure about certain navigation ideas and design layouts.





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