Somewhereville (Holidays Week 1): Changing Location Choice

After beginning my shifts at work and having another important assignment due the week I go back I decided that I need to choose another basis for my location to make it easier on me with everything going on. I want to stick with the game/fictional theme but I will also consider a location I have been to before as a back up just in case the fictional idea doesn’t work out.

No Man’s Sky


  • The chosen planet would be unique and unlike any others that have been discovered
  • The graphics are simplistic yet detailed and all randomized
  • Sticks to a limited colour palette per planet to reflect the planet type


  • The planet would be too scale
  • Would be difficult to represent a map in the app when there is no map of the planet except for a small map of its place in its located solar system
  • Would take a vast amount of time to find and decide which planet I feel would best suite and I don’t have the time due to my casual job

Bioshock 1/2/Infinite


bioshock moodboard.png


  • Game style sticks to a continuous theme of retro
  • Simple colour palettes
  • Certain information such as transport, culture, attractions and equipment are easy to find, represent and communicate


  • Both cities are large in scale and separate into various districts
  • The games themselves are violent games
  • Could focus on one district within one of the cities however it would not represent the city at a satisfactory level


Fallout 4


fallout moodboard.png


  • Represents an interesting take on a post apocalyptic world
  • Also has a retro feel and style
  • Various aspects of accomadation, equipment, transportation, cuisine and attractions are easy to find and communicate


  •  Retro style does not reflect through all aspects of the game
  • Is a violent game
  • Map is large in scale so I would have to concentrate on one specific section which would most likely be Diamond City
  • Although the colour palette is limited it is quite dull


North Haven


North Haven Moodboard.png


  • I have been there myself many times so I know the area really well
  • Family friendly and a great holiday location
  • Located 30 mins away from the city of Port Macquarie
  • Is a reliable resource in terms of taking photographs and finding information on many aspects that would be included in the app
  • I know people who live there who can take photographs for me if need be if I don’t have time to get there myself. I will give them credit if I use their images


  • Is located 2.5hrs away from home and time management is currently a challenge in case I had to visit there to obtain original photographs
  • May not be the ideal holiday location for certain people
  • Does not have a large variety of shops and cuisines to visit
  • can flood in some areas in large storms


Final Choice

After going over all the research of the locations and assessing my work roster and progress of one of my other major assignments I have decided to choose North Haven as my app’s targeted location. The reason I chose this was due to the factors of time, reliability and my familiarity with the location as I have been there many times before. I am a little disappointed that I won’t end up using a fictional location however I believe this is the most beneficial way for me to complete this assignment.

Time Management

Over the holidays I’m going to have some trouble with time management as I have to deal with work and preparing for a presentation for another class so a will need to adjust to fitting as much work as I can with the spare time that I have.


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