Somewhereville Week 3: Layout Sketches and Navigational Concepts

What Device Am I Designing It For?

I decided to design for an IPhone 6s since most people have them as there mobile phone and plus they also have great quality display.


Image taken from Google Images

Prototyping, Sketching and Getting Feedback

This week was all about making prototypes and sketching navigational and layout design ideas. In terms of prototyping we looked at physical creating our apps using paper and moving from one page to another depending which button is selected. We completed a small exercise in class where we drew up simple layout designs and explaining what information would be included and where one button would lead to compared to another.


Navigational Flow Charts and Sketches

In class project:



Going into more detail:



Considering All Factors

I was going to create a paper prototype for this location however I looked at my roster at work for the holidays and I picked up a few extra shifts so I will not get as much time to do Uni work as I had hoped. This lead to me questioning whether or not it was actually a good idea to stick with ‘No Man’s Sky’ as the chosen basis of my project as I would not have as much time as I would like to go through various planets and try to discover an ideal location that I would enjoy working with.


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