Somewhereville Week 2: Creating an Audience Persona

This week in class we completed a lab activity which involved creating a persona. A persona is giving the idea of what the main target audience is like or secondary audience may be like. In class we just concentrated on the primary persona by splitting into groups and being given a company name to work with.

Our Company Name: Golden Triangle Jungle Trek

Our Persona:

(This image was taken from google images to give people the idea of what our persona may look like so all the information below this image was made up for the purpose of demonstrating a persona on a made up person)


Image taken from google images

Name: Carl Smith


  • Full Time University Student, Part Time Personal Trainer
  • Has been at Uni 2-3 years, Has been a personal trainer for about 1 year
  • Enjoys hiking, travelling and working out
  • Is single and living in a share house


  • Male
  • 20-30 years old
  • HHI $20K-$25K
  • Lives in an urban environment


  • Quite confident
  • Adventurous, friendly
  • Is organised when it comes to time management


  • Stay Fit
  • Complete uni degree of physiotherapy
  • Gain full time job in degree field


  • Time Management
  • Financial Management

How  We Help

  • App is easy to navigate and doesn’t take much time
  • All inclusive app
  • Links to contact travel agents

Common Objections

  • Finds the app difficult to navigate
  • The app doesn’t present locations he would like to visit
  • Is it quicker to do your own background research on the location rather than using the app


Group Swap

We were than asked to swap groups and create a wire frame diagram of how the navigation would work within the app based on what the other groups persona a client.

Other Groups Company: Jomsom Walking Trek

Persona Traits (Key points)

  • Very successful financially
  • Family Orientated
  • Friendly, kind, good looking
  • aged between 30-40 years
  • Fit and enjoys hiking and travelling with family

What their persona would have as common objections

  • The app isn’t family related
  • Hard to navigate and doesn’t have time to look through app

Our Wire Frame Diagram for Their Group:


In the other groups opinion is was successful and fulfilled their persona and company

We agreed that their take was successful as well on our persona:



No Man’s Sky Planet Search

I began participating in the game in search of a desired location and scouted a handful of planets. I took notes of their environment type, temperatures and ecosystems. Below are those small notes:

Planet 1

Type: Ice, Snow Planet

Temperature: Cold therefore requires certain equipment to survive on.

Ecosystem: Animals range from 4 legged to a single species with wings


Planet 2

Type: Barren, Radioactive Planet

Temperature: Suitable for surviving on, requires radioactive protective equipment

Ecosystem: 4 legged and 2 legged creatures. No winged creatures have been discovered yet.


Planet 3

Type: Water Based Planet

Temperature: Suitable to survive on

Ecosystem: 4 legged creatures have been discovered so far however I intend to search for more


No Man’s Sky Persona

Name: John Smith


Image taken from google images


  • Graduated University 2 years ago in astronomy
  • Has been spending those 2 years in a job as an astronomer
  • Enjoys research, discovering new things and going to the gym
  • Is single and lives alone but travels to various locations for his job


  • Male
  • Late 20s – Early 30s
  • Lives on the outer edge of an urban environment


  • Highly Intelligent
  • Quiet and likes a bit of privacy
  • Friendly, kind but antisocial
  • Has great organisational skills


  • To discover and explore many new places
  • To find a partner who enjoys exploring as much as he does
  • To become well known for at least 1 of the locations he discovers


  • Doesn’t social that much
  • Spends a large amount of money on equipment to help him explore

How We Help

  • Make sure navigation is easy and clear
  • Show least expensive equipment, accommodation and transportation
  • Have a comment section that enables him to talk to other people who have also visited this location

Common Objections

  • Certain navigations are not clear
  • Not enough information is included
  • Costs are too high

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