Somewhereville Week 1: A New Project


The aim of this assignment is to create an interactive app that holds information on a chosen place. This place can be from a real life location, a fictional place such as from novels or one that you make up yourself.

It should have a continuous sense of style, colour palette, theme and navigation. Consider how to represent the place respectively whether its through concentrating on aspects such as a major landmark found within the location, if it’s known for its climate or landscape, the sounds that evolve around the place or even through the cultural style i.e. there may be a surfer atmosphere such as Byron Bay.

Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts were of choosing places that I have went on holidays at over the years which includes both Nambucca Heads NSW and North Haven NSW. both located on the coast, are family friendly and beautiful areas of Australia. However, I was more interested when it was brought up about doing it on a fictional place since I consider myself a bit of a nerd.

At the time the game ‘No Man’s Sky’ had not long come out and I found the whole atmosphere and shear magnitude of the game highly fascinating due to its large scale of environment. I had already participated in some game play at home and really enjoyed the graphic style and whole atmosphere of the game with its large scale exploration.

I created a pinterest board to look at different posters for the game, graphic styles, colour palettes and font types to get an overall feel of what I would like to aim for.

Below is the moodbaord I created from this pinterest board:

moodboard-somewherevilleThe colour palette I will choose for the final product will depend on what planet I choose as my location so the colours in this moodboard is just to give me a vague idea of whether I want to go bright or pastel colours and at this stage heavier pastel colours may be the way I want to go.







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