Week 4 Infographic: Making the Project and Finalizing

I created all my images in Adobe Illustrator which I have had a lot of practice with over the past year and a half. All of the backgrounds, text images are all work that I created from scratch however some of the images I had to image trace due to time management issues.

Image Traces

The pdf contains all the images I image traced and their locations. I attempted to use as much original work as possible with the time frame I had.


Time Management Issues

My time management issues are due to my casual job and other events outside of UNI. I attempt to plan ahead with when I will do UNI work and which assignments or parts of assignments are key priority at the time. However, sometimes work and other events have gotten in the way or gone over the amount of time I thought they would. To overcome this I spent  about 12hrs outside of my UNI classes at the Uni’s Design Building editing and creating the final product.



I sent my first attempt of my final product to fellow students who picked up on a few spelling mistakes as well as two pages that took longer to find  the ‘Go To Next Page’ button. The first page was the ‘Average Number of Followers’ page where one of the building’s windows in the graph was outlined in black and a hotspot was placed over the top so I changed this by making the button an up arrow to the right side of the page. The second page the ‘Face to Face Contact’ page which will then lead to the ‘Device Usage’ page where I originally had that you just click on the devices in the background to go to the next page so I added the text image ‘Look at Devices’ at made that the hotspot rather then the images of the devices themselves.

They also mentioned about how some of the transitions were a little laggy and jumpy but I couldn’t figure out how to fix this so I had to leave it as it was. They suggested about how the rationale might have to be added in so I made it the final page of the infographic.



For my chosen theme I wanted to bring more awareness to how social media has been affecting society and people’s everyday lives. I originally wanted to focus on ‘Social Media vs Social Interaction’, looking at how there has been a decrease in face to face interaction but unfortunately I had trouble finding statistical data on physical interaction rather than social media.

The overall design approach was to reflect technology and how it ties in with social media. To achieve this I included images of phones and computers within the layouts, used the font ‘Agency’ because it gave a geometric feel, had the transitions between pages act continuously as if you had been looking at a computer or phone screen and lastly making the choice of blue as a colour since it is most referred to when looking at other designs to do with technology but I also used yellow to represent people, the natural side of society. ­


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