Week 2 Infographic Project: Research and Concept

After looking at the many various types of infographics and gaining an idea of what I want my final product to look and interact like I began coming up with concepts of the main subject that I will be basing my project around.

My Moodboard:

moodboard infographic

I had a few ideas of choosing topics that I enjoy such as statistics to do with certain tv shows, games, movies, hobbies and so on. I also thought about one of my class focuses from last semester about the design process and wondered whether I could do something on different design processes and which work well compared to others but came to the conclusion that this would be too difficult as every designers has there own individual process. However, I decided to stick with something more meaningful and reflective upon the society that surrounds us and how it is changing dramatically with new technology by looking at social media.

This video is what really inspired me to choose social media as it not only reflects what social media is doing to us on a large scale but also the different opinions on the subject. I personally feel that social media is decreasing our optimism in meeting people face to face and is reducing the amount of time we pay attention to the real world around us due to such concentration on the virtual world.

The ‘Look Up’ react video then lead me to watching this video on how social media is effecting people on a personal scale through criticism and cyber bullying. As social media has increased in technology there has definitely been an increase in cyber bullying and criticism made on complete strangers.

From this I looked began to chart my ideas on what I would choose as a subject matter that evolved around social media. Below is my mind map:



My final decision was to concentrate on the idea of ‘Social Media vs Social Interaction’, looking at how there has been a decrease in face to face contact with people, mainly relying on social media for contact.


I looked at both international and Australian statistics, reports, blogs and videos but was hoping to attempt to just focus on Australian statistics.

Below are some of the websites/blogs I analyzed:


Is technology taking over our lives?

New research shows that mobile and social media users are intensely engaged online

(Blog) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thomas-white/why-social-media-isnt-social_b_3858576.html


(This site lead to the discovery of the follow site:)


These websites/blogs may have had some statistics but were mainly discussions about the whole idea of social media and how it affects people and society as a whole. Some discuss cyber bullying while others discuss technology addiction, leading to the decrease in certain forms of interaction and how technology is changing our lives for both the better and the worst.


These next sites that I believe were more beneficial:


Cyber Bullying Statistics

Australia Ranks 3rd in World for Online CyberBullying Searches


Teens, Texting, and Social Isolation

These sites provided more informative statistics on social media, some of which I may use in my final project, however, there was still not enough information that focused on the certain face to face interaction as well as not enough on social media.


However the website listed below is what I believe to be the most informative out of all the websites and videos I searched:


The ‘Sensis Social Media Report 2015 (Australia)’ was the most informative site I found that provided numerous amounts of statistics on social media in Australia. I plan to use most of these statistics for the social media side of my infographic, however, I still need to find a resource that provides a set of recent statistics on face to face interaction.

(Below are images of my note taking of the important information in the websites I have looked at)



To attempt to discover this information I referred back to a video that was shown in one of my classes:

This video was intriguing, discussing how social media has impacted society and lead me to hope that similar videos would hold more on statistics about face to face interaction, comparing it to social media. Below are the related videos I watched:


Although all of these videos were very well discussed and full of insightful perceptions none of them provided me with the information I was hoping to retrieve on social interaction. I then recalled another video that was shown to us:


However this vidoe also didn’t supply me with the statistics I was after based on physical social interaction rather than social media. So I will have to discuss this with my teacher before I go any further but I am definitely going to consider changing my topic idea slightly.


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