Week 1 Infographic Project Design Process Example: Research

Following on from my last blog I’m going to use a project I am currently undertaking as an example of how I work through my own design process. First things first is starting with step 1:


Understanding the Problem

Project Aim: To create an interactive infographic  based on a comparison of 2 sets of data

Colour palette: Can only use 2 colours (this includes the colour’s various shades) and black as a 3rd colour if need be.

The infographic needs to showcase a connection between subject matter and visual approach.


Background Research on Infographics

Pinterest Board

I love pinterest when looking for inspirations and ideas since it shows a vast variety of images that relate to what your looking for. Although these infographics are just images rather then an interactive element they all still give me the idea of what sort of style and layout I should strive towards. In terms of style I really like the pins “What Do Your Glasses Say About You?” and “Common Octopus” because they both display graphics that reflect their subject in a clear and creative way.

In terms of layout I’m really intrigued with the pins “The World Needs Mining” and “The 411 on Unwanted Phone Books”, both showing a consisting flow between different areas of data, intertwining them together.


Searches for Current Interactive Infographics

The Future of Car Sharing
Car sharing is on the rise! Explore this why access is better than ownership.

I really enjoyed the overall feel and layout of this interactive element. It in cooperated the topic of car sharing through having to user drive the car across the screen in order to see the data across the landscape template which I believe was very creative on the designers part.  The information is all set out in interesting format especially the data section on the gaining popularity of car sharing where the use of height difference in trees represents the difference of numerical figures between two subjects. I’m going to keep this inmind and hopefully do something similar when comparing statistics between my chosen topics.


Eastern Tennessee Infographic
East Tennessee is known for its beauty, mountains, whiskey and bluegrass music. However, while there are several things East Tennessee is known for, there are also several little known facts about this area of the state that make it a strategic location for businesses looking to maximize their oppor…


For this infographic is was definitely the movement that intrigued me and how it effected the ability to see certain context at certain points. I liked how the site has the still image at the top of the page and when you scroll down everything scrolls over the top of the image rather then have it moving. I also liked how certain images or animations wouldn’t appear until that section had only just appeared on the screen giving the user the ability slightly control when they want things to appear. (This also occurred in the car sharing infographic). Movement is also going to be a key factor I will concentrate on when making my project.


Why you shouldn’t drink and drive!
Interactive infographic from Town Centre Car Parks explaining the dangers of drink driving.

This infographic had interesting way of communicating their message of “Don’t Drink and Drive” by allow the user to choose different kinds of drinks and how many drinks they had in one night to determine the average alcohol level for that amount of that type of drink. It then continues down showing the various statistics of drink driving including using grave stones to represent the numerical figures for the amount of injuries and deaths that were related to drink driving. Its through using this type of visual representation that I admire these types of works so I’m going to try and use that style in my interactive.







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